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So skittering is a cool word.

Let me explain. We have a kitten that I raised as an orphan because his mother abandoned him under a trailer when he was week old. His name is Dexter (from the Showtime show about the kind hearted serial killer) but we all call him Peanut. So anyway, Peanut is like a typical baby, and always has something else to get into. His latest adventure involves ice. Whenever one of us opens the freezer, gets ice cubes, and forgets to drop one for Peanut he cries at the foot of the refrigerator until we drop a piece of ice for him.

He then proceeds to bat the ice crazily around the kitchen floor like a manic hockey player. He's even gotten the other cats to join in. So now we have an entire cat-based NHL league everytime someone gets ice from the freezer. So my dad is explaining this little scene to my grandmother on the phone, and he tells her that Peanut is "skittering across the floor" and I smiled and remembered how much I love having my cats around.

In other news, I'm planning a trip to India within the year. And I can't freaking wait.
I love kitties! And I miss mine.

India will be so awesome...when are you going?
Not sure exactly. Whenever I've raised the appropriate funds to fly myself over. It's hella expensive to fly to India. Who knew.